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Spring Day Carnival

Date : Saturday, 24 September 2022

Time : 9am to 3pm

We are planning to host a Spring Carnival Day at the PUSH Outreach
Centre in Ext. 1 on 24 September 2022. The main objective of the
Carnival is to re-connect the community with “The Inner Child”, through a
day filled with fun and community educational activities.

The event will consist of the following activities:

• Carnival Parade
• Carnival rides
• Parade around the Ext 1 area
• Musical performances
• Puppet and magic show

The following topics will be addressed in the form of live presentations:

• Bullying
• Substance Abuse
• Children Rights
• Unemployment


Housing Initiative

Launch of PUSH Housing Initiatives

Date:  Monday, 18 July 2022

Time: 8am till late

PUSH hosts a 67 minutes Volunteer Housing Project Initiative which started in 2020 when our beneficiary and family living with HIV lived, broken a shack.  Thanks to Friends4Africa Foundation who extended their hands by donating the building material for the house, 3 beds and furniture.  In the year 2020, 4 houses were build, with the help of Soldiers for Jesus and beds for each with the help of Friends4Africa.  Blankets from Bridge Church.  Our wish for 2022 is to rebuild 10 shacks for our beneficiaries.